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6 Essentials To Be Kept While Traveling

Who doesn’t like to travel? Everybody wants to come out of their mundane, hectic and boring lifestyle and wants to breathe in fresh air and just simply relax. And prior to setting for your go to places afar, the challenge that everybody has to face is what to pack and what not. Irrespective of the duration of your trip, everybody find themselves in a mess and they do over or under packing. Well whatever is to be packed should have a proper purpose. Intelligent packing should be done in order to travel light and also you must carry some essentials which will rescue you in your SOS moments.

So here is a list of some essentials which needs to be taken along while traveling:

  1. First aid kit

This one is must to have in your traveling bags. Cuts, burns, bruises and bleeding wounds are need to be taken care off cautiously specially when you are out in the woods, barren lands or thorny lands. Infection prevention is necessary to be taken care of. Band-aids, cotton balls, antiseptic soap, antiseptic liquid, hand sanitizer and blades are the essentials which are to be packed in your traveling baggage.

  1. Lip – Balm

While travelling and going from different weather zones can make your lips dry and chapped. So carry a good quality and highly moisturizing lip balm for both day and night purposes to protect your lips from dryness. Also a small bottle of your favourite moisturizer can also be kept along with it to also protect your face and body parts from dryness.

  1. Small essentials

Pins, bobby pins, safety pins, clips, ropes, army knife, nail cutter and razor are small essential items that should be kept alongside with the first kit. Whether you have to secure a loose blouse on a hanger, secure cuts and torn apart pieces of your top or jeans, secure the zip of an open bag, dry your wet clothes on ropes, shave your legs or want a bottle cap opener or need a knife for an immediate SOS moment, these items are the ones who help the most during these situations.

  1. Plastic bags

You can keep your dirty laundry in them, can throw in your leaking bottle of shampoo, throw small items in this or use this as a protective covering for your valuables and fragile items. And also you can always reuse them. Carry a small packet of plastic bags for throwing in it any extra items that you have on board with yourself.

  1. Carry a little bit stationary

Carrying a small stationary with yourself will cause very useful to you later in the trip. Carry a pen and a notebook to jot down any important piece of information that you encounter while your trip. You can also write some important numbers, addresses, pin codes or any piece of information that you find useful can be noted down in them.

  1. Carry a small vanity

Always remember to carry some facewipes, scented tissues, room spray, deodorant, dry shampoo, moisturizer, kajal, gloss, sunscream and a BB cream or a CC cream. These small essentials babies are the ‘must’ have and they can fit in even small zipper bags.

Packing for a trip can become hectic and tiring, but intelligent packing and sorting out the things prior which are essentials can make your task easier and also help you to carry light. Also heavy baggage are discouraged at the airport and they are also different to carry around. So it is advised to do pack intelligently and thoughtfully in order to carry less.